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It's a simple concept; The player steers a twister around the landscape destroying everything in it's path. Points are awarded depending on how and when you destroy items.

The longer you play, the harder it gets and the higher you score. Simple as that.

There will also be a number of hidden elements to get you playing again and again to try and beat your previous score. Hopefully.

how to play

There are 5 modes in Twister. Each mode is indicated by the roadsign in the upper left corner of the screen.

The game will continuously cycle through the 5 modes in this order:

Vehicles Buildings People Wildlife Tree Stuff

Destroying the correct objects during the correct mode will reward the player with bonus points and additional health.

After clearing the 5 modes, the bonus gets larger and the game gets more frantic and the game continues to cycle through the modes...

The game is over when the twister health reaches zero.



Twister is available in two compressed formats (ZIP and RAR).

ZIP (4.0Mb)
RAR (3.8Mb)

TWISTER on Games Radar

And I forgot to mention that Twister has been selected as part of PC Gamer's mammoth '365 days of free games'.

I'm normally a grumpy old fart but things like this make me feel happy and slightly fuzzy inside.

Click on the link below to check out the full article on the Games Radar website, and find out about some more cool free games.


TWISTER mentioned on 1UP.com

A news article was posted on 1UP.com titled "101 Free Games 2008 - The best free games on the web!" and Twister is in the list :)

This makes me happy.

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news - Staff Pick

Twister gets awarded the Staff Pick at YoYoGames.

On day 2 after the upload, Twister received the Staff Pick award. Just over 150 games (from the featured 11,600 games online) have received this accolade from the staff. And Twister is one of them. Yay!

news - Todays Top Games

Twister featured on the 'Todays Top Games' page on the YoYoGames website.

Visit my showcase and play Twister online at YoYoGames

Twister Showcase

Twister webspots

After it's release a variety of websites picked up the game and gave it some coverage, even though at the time, it was still only a 'work in progress' demo.

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Review from RockPaperShotgun

"Twister is a peculiar and sweet little game about destroying a small rural town and all its inhabitants, through the power of spinny wind.

Controlling the spiral of puff, you must collect (suck up) the items the game instructs, cycling through buildings, trees, vehicles, wildlife, and of course, people (who seem very happy to be picked up, cheering as they go). But rather than a mad dash to vacuum it all up as fast you can, Twister is a game of budgeting, making sure you maintain your more limited resources so you’ll have some left later on for refilling the time meter. It might be lots of fun to hoover an entire field of pigs, or all the football players and their crowd at once, but what will you have for dessert, eh?

Very quick, very simple, and surprisingly distracting - it’s the wind funnel simulator you’ve all been waiting for."

- November 9, 2007

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